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Table 3 Criteria for symptomatic urinary infection Participants may have symptomatic urinary infection if a participant has recently developed one or more of the following symptoms:

From: Protocol of a prospective cohort study of the effect of different methods of drainage of neuropathic bladder on occurrence of symptomatic urinary infection, and adverse events related to the urinary drainage system in spinal cord injury patients

Increased spasms
Feeling unwell/ feeling rough
Feeling sick
Feeling cold
Swelling of the testis (scrotum)
Bypassing of the catheter in persons with indwelling catheter
Urine leak between catheterisation in persons performing intermittent catheterisation
Feeling sore in the bladder
For symptomatic urinary infection, you may have recently developed one or more of the following features as well:
Passing blood in urine
Passing smelly urine
Passing cloudy/ mucky urine