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Table 1 Electrical properties of the finite element model of the cat urethra

From: Finite element modeling and in vivo analysis of electrode configurations for selective stimulation of pudendal afferent fibers

Tissue type Structures Conductivity Source
  Urethral catheter 0.1 nS m-1 [29, 30]
Muscle tissue Bulbospongiosus m., ischiocavernosus m., ischiourethralis m., inner urethral m., outer urethral m. 0.291 S m-1 [31]
Erectile tissue Corpus cavernosum, corpus spongiosum 0.6 S m-1 [31, 32]
Glands Bulbocavernosus g., prostate g. 0.4 S m-1 [31, 32]
Connective tissue, etc. Prepuce, bounding box 0.05 S m-1 [33]