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Table 1 Demographic and clinical data of 5 patients treated with occlusion of urinary fistulas using cyanoacrylate

From: Minimally invasive treatment of urinary fistulas using N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate: a valid first line option

Patient Sex Age Diagnosis Persistent drainage days Control imaging Follow-up months Access Outcome
1 M 63 Neobblader-cutaneos fistula 90 Cystography 38 Percutaneous trough drainage sinus Cured
2 M 73 Bilateral dehiscence of ureterosigmoidostomy 32 Bilateral trans-nephrostomic pyelography 3 Percutanuous bilateral trans-nephrostom Cured
3 F 62 Calyceal fistula after open removal of complex renal cyst 10 Retrograde pyelography 103 Retrograde endoscopic Cured
4 F 50 Calyceal fistula after robot-assisted enucleoresection of RCC 13 Retrograde pyelography CT scan 11 Retrograde endoscopic Cured
5 M 48 Calyceal fistula after laparoscopic enucleoresection of RCC 38 Retrograde pyelography CT scan 3 Retrograde endoscopic (repeated) Failure - Nephrectomy
   Mean 59.2   Mean 36.6   Mean 31.6   
Median 32 Median 11