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Table 1 Patient characteristics and summary of the result

From: Prediction of open urinary tract in laparoscopic partial nephrectomy by virtual resection plane visualization

No Sex Age Tumor size (mm) Tumor location Prediction of urinary tract status Intraoperative urinary tract status Surgical margin (min) Ischemia time (min) Operating time (min)
Right/Left Longitudinal location Arterior/Posterior Lateral/Medial
1 M 44 19 R Upper pole Anterior Lateral Not open with 5 mm margin Not open 3 19 185
2 F 77 26 L Upper pole Anterior Medial Open with 2 mm margin Open 1 20 179
3 M 72 35 R Inferior pole Posterior Lateral Open with 1 mm margin Open 1 28 206
4 M 65 19 R Middle pole Posterior Medial Not open with 5 mm margin Not open 1 13 156
5 M 75 25 R Middle pole Posterior Medial Open with 4 mm margin Not open 1 11 158
  1. In the columns, from left to right, we indicate patient information, tumor size, tumor location, prediction of urinary tract status, intraoperative urinary tract status, intraoperative surgical margin, ischemia time, and operating time.