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Table 1 Review of published cases of giant cell lesions of the kidney and renal pelvis

From: Primary de novo malignant giant cell tumor of kidney: a case report

Age Sex Location Immunoreactivity Associated Malignancy Outcome Author & Reference Year
56 M Renal Parenchyma Vimentin+, CD68+, Cytokeratin-ve, CAM 5.2-ve, AE1/AE3-ve Malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH) Disease free at 1 year Chen C.H et al. [22] 2003
55 F Renal Parenchyma CD68+ Associated sarcomatoid spindle cells with osteoid production (osteosarcoma) Disease free at 6 months Lee, C.H et al. [19] 2003
30 M Renal Parenchyma Keratin & EMA -ve, Focally vimentin+ Clear cell type RCC, sarcomatoid Disease free at 14 months Koga, F. et al [20] 2000
81 M Renal Parenchyma CD68++ Scattered cytokeratin+, S100+ No Died 2 months later Heller, K.N et al. [2] 1998
55 F Renal Parenchyma CD68+, CAM2.5+, AE1/3+, EMA+, Vimentin+ (Keratin positive) No associated sarcomatoid component Disease free at 9 months Chetty R, Cvijan D [14] 1997
69 M Renal pelvis S100+, CD68+, EMA+; Vimentin+ Papillary TCC Liver and lung metastasis in 5 months Molinie, V. [17] 1997
75 F Renal Parenchyma CD68+ Clear cell type RCC and sarcomatoid N/A el-Naggar, A.K et al. [15] 1993
64 M Renal pelvis N/A In-situ TCC N/A Borg-Grech, A. et al. [13] 1987
56 M Renal pelvis N/A Papillary TCC Disease free at one month Kenney, R.M et al. [16] 1984
60 M Renal pelvis N/A No Disease free at 1 year Kimura, K et al. [21] 1983
77 F Renal pelvis N/A SCC of the renal pelvis N/A Hou, L.T & Willis, R.A [18] 1963
79 F Renal Parenchyma N/A Tubular and papillary adenocarcinoma N/A Hou, L.T & Willis, R.A [18] 1963
  1. TCC = Transitional cell carcinoma SCC = Squamous call carcinoma M = Male F = Female