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Table 1 Contemporary series of AIHA associated with renal tumor

From: Autoimmune hemolytic anemia associated with renal urothelial cancer: A case report and literature review

References Age/Sex Hb Stage, Pathology Cooms test (Direct/Indirect) Treatment Response to Treatment Outcome
Pirofsky B (1968) 65/M Ht:26% non-metastatic positive/positive steroid CR NA
   RCC   nephrectomy   
Spira MA (1979) 68/F 8.7 hypernephroma positive/positive steroid CR recurrence-free RCC and
    (IgG) nephrectomy   AIHA for 5 years
Bradley G (1981) 57/F 6.8 non-metastatic positive/positive steroid CR died with lung metastasis after 17 months with AIHA
   clear cell RCC Non-specific nephrectomy  
    (only IgG negative)   
Venzano C (1985) 71/F 7.5 lymph-node metastasis, positive/positive steroid CR NA
   renal cell carcinoma     
Girelli G (1988) 39/M 4.0 T3b positive/positive steroid CR DAT remained positive, no follow-up data
   clear cell RCC (IgM) nephrectomy  
Monga M (1995) 38/F   T1N0M0 negative/positive nephrectomy CR sustained CR of RCC and AIHA for 2+ years
   renal cell cancer    
Lands R (1996) 65/M 8.1 T3a positive steroid CR NA
   adenocarcinoma   nephrectomy   
Kamra D (2002) 68/F 5.6 T2N0M0 negative steroid CR NA
   clear cell RCC   globulin therapy   
Muñoz-Ibarrav EL (2013) 71/F 6.7 T1aN0M0 positive steroid   
   clear cell RCC   nephrectomy CR NA
Our case (2015) 52/M 3.2 T4N2M0 positive/positive steroid CR died with multiple metastases after 7 months without AIHA
   UC+RCC (IgG) globulin therapy