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Table 1 Case reports on congenital giant megaureter

From: Unilateral congenital giant megaureter with renal dysplasia compressing contralateral ureter and causing bilateral hydronephrosis: a case report and literature review

Author, year The number of cases Age Treatments Follow-up Outcomes
Huang [1], 1987 21 Ranged from 2 months to 8 years Nephrectomy/heminephrectomy and resection of the giant megaureter - Nineteen patients: free of urinary symptoms; One girl: died
One boy: poorly recovered
Chiesa et al. [3], 2001 1 1-day-old Nephroureterectomy Four years Uneventful with normal right renal function, a normal bladder and urethra
Ramaswamy et al. [4], 1995 1 2-year-old Ureteroureterostomy. - Uneventful
Saurabh et al. [5], 2010 1 7-year-old Surgical exploration was planned - -
Khattar et al. [6], 2009 1 15-year-old Nephroureterectomy. One year Recovered well
Goto et al. [7], 2010 1 1-day-old Ureteroureterostomy Eighteen months Experienced two febrile urinary tract infection, and no obstruction in the right upper urinary tract
Annigeri et al. [8], 2012 1 20-day-old Nephroureterectomy. Nine months Uneventful