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Table 3 Summary of studies evaluating BOO-induced neuronal alterations

From: Progressive bladder remodeling due to bladder outlet obstruction: a systematic review of morphological and molecular evidences in humans

Author, year Study design Subjects in the cases group (n) Findings
Gosling, 1986 [39] Case-control 19 ↓ autonomic nerve supply
Chapple, 1992 [41] Case-control 19 ↓ density of innervation by vasoactive intestinal polypeptide, calcitonin gene-related peptide, substance P and somatostatin immunoreactive nerve fibers in the obstructed bladder.
Cumming, 1992 [40] Case-control 10 ↓innervation
Elbadawi, 1993 [12] Case control 7 ↑axon degeneration in patients with impaired detrusor contractility
Steers, 1991 [42] Case-control ↑ NGF in grossly hypertrophied human bladders
Barbosa, 2017 [37] Case-control 43 ↑ NGF receptor expression in smokers and dyslipidemic patients
  1. NGF nerve growth factor