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Table 1 Summary of XGP cases presenting as Wunderlich syndrome

From: Nephron-sparing management of Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis presenting as spontaneous renal hemorrhage: a case report and literature review

Case Presentation CBC UA Culture (urine or site) Surgery Pathology
Canle et al. [15], 2007 Right lower abdominal pain and asthenia Hgb 8 9/dl
WBC 12000/mm3
Streptococcus anginosus Right total nephrectomy Foamy macrophages aggregates, neutrophils, fibrosis. Inflammatory cell infiltrate
Altinoluk et al. [17], 2012 Right flank pain, fever, nausea Hgb 6.3 g/dl
WBC 16.7/ uL
Hematuria only Proteus mirabilis Right total nephrectomy Foamy, lipid laden macrophages, giant cells, granulomatous reaction and fibrosis
Sharma et al. [16], 2013 Left flank pain, intermittent fever, weakness x15days Hgb 9 g/dl
WBC 13500/mm3
Klebsiella Left total nephrectomy Chronic granulomatous pyelonephritis. With dilated vascular channels