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Table 3 Quality assessment of individual study

From: Meta-analysis of the efficacy and safety of combination of tamsulosin plus dutasteride compared with tamsulosin monotherapy in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia

Study Allocation sequence generation Allocation concealment Blinding Loss to follow-up Calculation of sample size Statistical analysis Level of quality ITT analysis
Hong et al. (2010) [20] A A B 3 Yes Mann-Whitney U-test; Chi-square test A No
Joo et al. (2012) [21] A A B unmentioned Yes Student’s t-test; Pearson’s x2-test A No
Roehrborn et al. (2014) [22] A A B unmentioned Yes Mann-Whitney U-test; Chi-square test; T-tests A Yes
Roehrborn et al. (2015) [23] A A B 16 Yes T-tests A Yes
Choi et al. (2016) [24] A A B 17 No Mann-Whitney U-test A No
  1. A, almost all quality criteria met: low risk of bias, B, one or more quality criteria met:moderate risk of bias; C, one or more criteria not met: high risk of bias; ITT, intention-to-treat