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Table 2 Newcastle-Ottawa scale score of the reviewed studies

From: Hypertension as a prognostic factor in metastatic renal cell carcinoma treated with tyrosine kinase inhibitors: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Study Selection (4 stars) Comparability (2 stars) Outcome (3 stars) Total score
Representativeness of the hypertensive cohort Selection of the non-hypertensive cohort Ascertainment of hypertension Demonstration that outcome of interest was not present at start of study Assessment of outcome Was follow up long enough for outcomes to occur? Adequacy of follow up of cohort
Rini (a) 7
Szmit 9
Bono 7
Fujita 7
Eechoute 7
Rini (b) 7
Motzer 6
Hong 7
Nakano 7
Fujita 7
Eto 7
Rini (c) 7
Zhang (a) 7
Kucharz 7
Izzedine 8
Donskov 7
Zhang (b) 7
Goldstein 9
Miyake 7
Fukuda 7
Matias 7
  1. —: The data were not available in this study