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Table 2 Case reports of tumor seeding through PCN track

From: Does preoperative percutaneous nephrostomy insertion worsen upper-tract urothelial cancer oncological outcome? A retrospective single center study

Authors Sex, M/F Age, years Concomitant with bladder cancer? Tumor site Histology PCN function Definite NUXBCE? PCN dwelling time Recurrence site Time from PCN to recurrence
Sharma et al. 1994 [5] M 56 Yes RP, U UC, high grade PET Yes N.R. Nephrectomy scar site 8 months
Huang et al. 1995 [6] F 80 Yes U UC, high grade Relief of obstruction, AP diagnosis Yes 30 days Nephrostomy track 1 month
Sengupta and Harewood,1998 [7] M 78 Yes RP UC, high grade Relief of obstruction Yes N.R. Nephrostomy track 9 months
Yamada et al. 2002 [4] M 63 Yes RP UC, low grade(G2) PET Yes 14 days Nephrostomy track 3 months
Treuthardt et al. 2004 [8] M 61 Yes RP UC, high grade(G2) PET No 6 weeks Nephrostomy track 12 months
Wang et al. 2004 [9] F 63 Yes RP, U UC, high grade(G3) Relief of obstruction Yes 7 days Nephrostomy track 3 months
M 52 No RP SCC, poor differentiated PET Yes 10 days Nephrostomy track 4 months
Sorokin et al. 2013 [3] M 76 Yes RP UC, high grade PET No 2 months Nephrostomy track 5 months
  1. UC urothelial cancer, N.R. not reported, SCC squamous cell carcinoma, PCN percutaneous nephrostomy, NUXBCE nephroureterectomy with bladder cuff excision, PET percutaneous endoscopic treatment, AP antegrade pyelography, RP renal pelvis, U ureter