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Table 1 Study design characteristics of included studies in meta-analysis

From: Comparison of survival benefits of nephron-sparing intervention or active surveillance for patients with localized renal masses: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Study Year Region/Country Study period Study design Database No. of patients Intervention Control Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria Outcome Quality score
Alam R et al [14] 2018 USA 2009-NA Prospective cohort Delayed Intervention and Surveillance for Small Renal Masses Registry 597 PN, TA (CA, RFA) AS Age > 18, cT1a renal mass History of RCC, familial RCC syndrome, or suspicion of a second malignancy metastasis CSS, OS 9
Miller BL et al [15] 2018 USA 2003–2016 Retrospective Single center data 135 PN, TA AS Histological diagnosis of oncocytoma or chRCC (cT1–2) NA CSS, OS 7
Tang DH et al [16] 2017 USA 2000–2013 Retrospective Single center data 62 PN AS Age 80–89, cT1–2 renal mass NA CSS, OS 7
Larcher A et al [17] 2015 USA 2000–2009 Retrospective SEER-Medicare-linked database 1860 TA AS T1aN0M0, unilateral RCC RCC diagnosed only on death CSS 9
Patel HD et al [18] 2015 USA 1995–2007 Retrospective SEER-Medicare-linked database 2603 PN AS cT1aN0M0 renal cortical tumor cT3–4, N1–2, M1, unknown classification, urothelial carcinoma, noncortical renal tumors, multiple
procedures, bilateral tumors, previous diagnosis of another
cancer, undergone TA
Patel N et al [19] 2012 UK 2005–2010 Retrospective Cancer Research Uro-Oncology Database 161 PN AS cT1aN0M0 renal mass NA CSS, OS 7
Lane BR et al [20] 2010 USA 2000–2006 Retrospective Single center data 391 open/laparoscopic PN, TA (CA, RFA) AS Age > 75, cT1 renal tumor Not suspicious renal tumor, PN for other reason CSS, OS, CVSS 8
  1. AS active surveillance, CA cryoablation, CSS cancer-specific survival, CVSS cadiovascular-specific survival, NA not available, OS overall survival, PN partial nephrectomy, RCC renal cell carcinoma, RFA radiofrequency ablation, SEER Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results, TA thermal ablation