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Fig. 2

From: Follicular dendritic cell sarcoma (FDCS) of urinary bladder with coexisting urothelial carcinoma–a case report

Fig. 2

HE and immunohistochemistry staining of the bladder tumor. HE staining a-b) showed FDCS tumor cells arranged in a storiform or nesting pattern, tumor cells had indistinct cytoplasmic borders, round or ovoid nuclei; Immunohistochemistry staining showed FDCS tumor cells were positive for vimentin (c) and CD21 (d); HE staining (e-f) showed UC tumor cells arranged in nest or cord pattern, tumor cells had acidophilic cytoplasm and irregular nuclear; Immunohistochemistry staining showed UC tumor cells were positive for CK (g); Immunohistochemistry staining of CK (h) showed infiltrated UC (arrow head) mixed with FDCS (arrow), UC were positive for CK, FDCS were negative for CK. Bar = 200 μm

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