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Table 1 Tumor characteristics and preexisting kidney disease in patients with renal cell carcinoma

From: Robotic stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for renal cell carcinoma in patients with impaired renal function

Case Size (mm) Primary tumor Tumor location Baseline CKD stage First line treatment /
Preexisting kidney disease
#1 32 cT1a/DD metastasis close to renal pelvis 3b Nephrectomy, RFA and embolisation ipsilateral
#2 30 cT1a/DD metastasis mid pole 2 Nephrectomy, partial resection ipsilateral /DM type 2
#3 14
cT1a upper pole
mid pole
3b Nephrectomy, partial resection ipsilateral / short term dialysis, DM type 2
#4 26 cT1a upper pole 2 RPGN, kidney transplant
#5 70 cT3a infiltrating renal vein 2 Partial resection contralateral
#6 36 cT1a mid pole 4 Nephrectomy
#7 36 cT1a lower pole 3a partial resection contralateral, multiple RFA ipsilateral / VHL
#8 39 cT1a close to renal pelvis 3a partial resection ipsi- and contralateral / VHL
#9 47 cT3a extends to perinephric tissue 3b
#10 9
cT3a/DD metastasis lower pole
extends to perinephric tissue
close to hilum
3b Nephrectomy, partial resection ipsilateral
  1. RFA Radiofrequency ablation, CKD chronic kidney disease, DM diabetes mellitus, RPGN rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, VHL von Hippel-Lindau disease