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Table 1 Characteristics of the included studies

From: Cost comparison between open radical cystectomy, laparoscopic radical cystectomy, and robot-assisted radical cystectomy for patients with bladder cancer: a systematic review of segmental costs

AuthorCountryYear# of ORC case# of LRC case# of RARC caseStudy PeriodStudy type (The name of databases used)
Bansal [13]UK201768 2212011–2016Single-institutional retrospective study
Bochner [23]USA201458602010–2013Single-institutional RCT
Martin [30]USA201114 192006-Single-institutional retrospective study
Lee [22]USA2010103832002–2009Single-institutional retrospective study
Smith [11]USA201020202006-Single-institutional retrospective study
Hermans [19]Netherlands20144442 2005–2012Single-institutional retrospective study
Zheng [20]China20126545 2004–2011Single-institutional retrospective study
Yu [26]USA20121444 2242009Administrative database study (Nationwide Inpatient Sample)
Leow [24]USA201434,67221012004–2010Administrative database study (Premier Perspective Darabase)
Hu [25]USA20167308 4392002–2012Administrative database study (Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program and Medicare linked data)
Monn [27]USA201425,98637332009–2011Administrative Database study (Nationwide Impatient Sample)
  1. The characteristics of the 11 studies that compared ORC to LRC or ORC to RARC. The studies consisted of six single-institutional retrospective studies, a single-institutional RCT, and four database studies. The characteristics included information on authors, countries where the studies were performed, year of publication, number of cases (ORC, LRC or RARC), study periods, and study types. RCT Randomized controlled trial