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Table 4 Perioperative complication costs and proportion of the costs in the total costs

From: Cost comparison between open radical cystectomy, laparoscopic radical cystectomy, and robot-assisted radical cystectomy for patients with bladder cancer: a systematic review of segmental costs

AuthorUrinary diversionComplication cost (ORC) (%)Complication cost (RARC) (%)Transfusion costs (ORC) (%)Transfusion costs (RARC) (%)
Bansal [13]Ileal conduit$619 (5.1%)$289 (2.3%)$115 (0.9%)$28 (0.2%)
Bochner [23]Ileal conduit, Orthotopic neobladderIncluded in the total costIncluded in the total cost
Martin [21]Ileal conduitN.A. (for institutional reason)N.A. (for institutional reason)
Lee [22]Ileal conduit$7202 (28.2%)$1624 (7.9%)N.A
Orthotopic neobladder$1663 (7.3%)$1823 (8.2%)N.A
Continent cutaneous$2520 (12.2%)$,911 (8.4%)N.A
Smith [11]N.A.Not included in the analysis$322 (2.0%)$107 (0.7%)
  1. Complication rates and costs, and the proportion of the total costs. The complication costs included complication treatment, readmission, and transfusion costs