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Table 4 P-scores ranking the surgical approaches for every outcome based on the amount of certainty that a single treatment outperforms the average of competing interventions. The p-score ranges from 0 to 1, the latter indicating the highest certainty possible

From: Surgical approaches for treatment of ureteropelvic junction obstruction – a systematic review and network meta-analysis

 EndopyelotomyLaparoscopic pyeloplastyOpen pyeloplastyRobot assisted laparoscopic pyeloplasty
Operative success0.00000.37970.67270.9476
Few overall complications0.55830.49750.04350.9007
Few cases of urinary leakage0.85840.19630.34620.5991
Low re-operation rate0.04760.64720.47680.8284
Low transfusion rate0.30890.67300.22470.7934
Short operating time after sensitivity analyses0.99580.07120.64710.2860
Short length of stay0.43650.52520.25890.7794