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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of the patients in the IAC and NIAC before and after matched groups (1:3)

From: The long-term efficacy of one-shot neoadjuvant intra-arterial chemotherapy combined with radical cystectomy versus radical cystectomy alone for bladder cancer: a propensity-score matching study

 Intra-arterialBefore matched groupsAfter matched groups (1:3)
No intra-arterialp valueNo intra-arterialp value
Patients (n)26123 78 
Female, n (%)4(15.4%)19(15.4%)10(12.8%)
Male, n (%)22(84.6%)104(84.6%)68(87.2%)
Age, yr, median (IQR)60.0(55.0–71.0)63.0(56.0–72.0)0.32862.5(56.0–69.3)0.799
Body mass index (kg/m2)25.2 ± 3.1224.1 ± 3.80.18424.3 ± 3.10.202
Hypertension, n (%)12(46.2%)38(30.9%)0.13427(34.6%)0.293
Diabetes, n (%)4(15.4%)16(13.0%)0.9958(10.3%)0.723
Age-adjusted CCI4.0(3.0–7.0)4.0(3.0–5.0)0.6254.0(3.0–6.0)0.909
ASA score2.0(1.8–2.0)2.0(2.0–2.0)0.2212.0(2.0–2.0)0.188
ECOG PS1.0(0.0–1.0)1.0(0.0–1.0)0.4901.0(1.0–1.0)0.394
Smoking history, n (%)15(57.7%)58(47.2%)0.32940(51.3%)0.571
Time between confirmed tumor and RC, mo, median (IQR)3.0(1.0–6.8)5.0(1.0–18.0)0.1335.0(1.0–18.0)0.173
TURBT before RC7(25.9%)57(46.3%)0.04832(41.0%)0.100
Preoperative irradiation, n (%)0(0.0%)5(4.1%)0.5873(3.8%)0.571
Follow-up length, mo, median (IQR)88.0(37.0–109.0)26.0(14.0–65.0)0.00256.0(30.8–91.3)0.161
  1. IAC, intra-arterial chemotherapy; NIAC, no-intra-arterial chemotherapy; IQR = interquartile range; RC = radical cystectomy; ASA = American Society of Anesthesiologists; CCI = Charlson comorbidity index; ECOG PS = Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status