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Table 5 Description of survival of groupings in the entire set of patients (see Fig. 2)

From: The long-term efficacy of one-shot neoadjuvant intra-arterial chemotherapy combined with radical cystectomy versus radical cystectomy alone for bladder cancer: a propensity-score matching study

 Mean ST (mo)Medium ST (mo)1-year CSR (95%CI)5-year CSR (95%CI)0-year CSR (95%CI)
OS of BMI grouping
≥25129.000.956(0.0–1.0)0.927(0.0–1.0)0.927 (0.0–1.0)
OS of PLN grouping
CSS of PLN grouping
  1. ST: survival time; CSR: cumulative survival rate; OS: overall survival; CSS: cancer-specific surival; BMI: body mass index; PLN: positive lymph nodes