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Table 6 Summary of the published papers on neoadjuvant intra-arterial chemotherapy followed by radical cystectomy

From: The long-term efficacy of one-shot neoadjuvant intra-arterial chemotherapy combined with radical cystectomy versus radical cystectomy alone for bladder cancer: a propensity-score matching study

StudyYearCountryType of studySample size (RC/total)Chemotherapy regimenNo. of cyclesInterval to RC, (wks.)Downstaging, (%), only RCOS (only RC)
Kanoh et al. [13]1983JapanRetrospective7/13ADM2/wk. (≥3 wks)6.75 (71.4)2 died (14.6)
Kamidono et al. [14]1984JapanRetrospective11/11ADM, MMC14.27 (63.6)3 died (17.5)
Maatman et al. [15]1986ItaliaProspective16/25CDDP, ADM1–444 (25)1 died (15.7)
Kanoh et al. [16]1987JapanRetrospective15/32ADM ± CDDP10–23 (17)1 died, 5-year OS 87.5%
Kakizaki et al. [17]1987JapanRetrospective29/29MMC, CPM, thio-TEPA, 5-FU, ADM, CDDP12
Jacobs et al. [18]1989USARetrospective16/30CDDP1415 (93.8)3 N+ average 13 mo 8 N0 average 28 ± 8 mo
Galetti et al. [19]1989USAPhase II4/8(only IA)CDDP13 (75)37mo (6–56)
Arima et al. [20]1997JapanRetrospective80/120ADM + CDDP1–475 (62.5)
Miyata et al. [21]2015JapanRetrospective17/50CDDP, ADM, EPI2 ± 0.24–8
Recent study2019ChinaRetrospective26/26GC1417 (65.4)3 died (2 from cancer: 11 and 31mo)
  1. RC, radical cystectomy; OS, overall survival; ADM, adriamycin or doxorubicin; MMC, mitomycin C; CDDP, cisplatin; EPI, epirubicin; GC, gemcitabine + cisplatin; −, not available