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Table 1 Starlite Report

From: A meta-ethnography to understand the experience of living with urinary incontinence: ‘is it just part and parcel of life?’

Sampling Strategy Selective
Type of studies Qualitative research, fully reported
Approaches Single electronic medical database (medline)
Range of years 1990 to January 2017; updated Feb 2019
Limits [Human age groups Young adult OR Adult OR Middle aged OR Aged Or Aged, 80 and over] [Languages English]
Inclusion and exclusions Incontinence Excluded: peri-partum, neurological, faecal, long-term care and acute hospitalisation, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence surgery
Terms used ((exp “FOCUS GROUPS”/ OR exp. “ANTHROPOLOGY, CULTURAL”/ OR exp. “QUALITATIVE RESEARCH”/ OR exp. “INTERVIEWS AS TOPIC”/ OR exp. “ATTITUDE TO HEALTH”/ OR exp. “NURSING METHODOLOGY RESEARCH”/ OR (Qualitative ADJ5 (theor* OR study OR studies OR research OR analysis)).ti,ab OR (ethno*).ti,ab OR (emic OR etic).ti,ab OR (phenomenolog*).ti,ab OR (hermeneutic*).ti,ab OR (heidegger* OR husserl* OR colaizzi* OR giorgi* OR glaser OR strauss OR (van AND kaam*) OR (van AND manen) OR ricoeur OR spiegelberg* OR merleau).ti,ab OR (constant ADJ3 compar*).ti,ab OR (focus ADJ3 group*).ti,ab OR (grounded ADJ3 (theor* OR study OR studies OR research OR analysis)).ti,ab OR (narrative ADJ3 analysis).ti,ab OR (discourse ADJ3 analysis).ti,ab OR ((lived OR life) ADJ3 experience*).ti,ab OR ((theoretical OR purposive) ADJ3 sampl*).ti,ab OR (field ADJ (note* OR (field ADJ record*) OR fieldnote*)).ti,ab OR (participant* ADJ3 observ*).ti,ab OR (action ADJ research).ti,ab OR ((co AND operative) AND inquir*).ti,ab OR (co-operative AND inquir*).ti,ab OR (cooperative AND inquir*).ti,ab OR ((semi-structured OR semistructured OR unstructured OR structured) ADJ3 interview*).ti,ab OR ((informal OR in-depth OR indepth OR “in depth”) ADJ3 interview*).ti,ab OR ((“face-to-face” OR “face to face”) ADJ3 interview*).ti,ab OR (“IPA” OR “interpretive phenomenological analysis”).ti,ab OR (“appreciative inquiry”).ti,ab OR (social AND construct*).ti,ab OR (poststructural* OR post structural* OR post-structural*).ti,ab OR (postmodern* OR post modern* OR post-modern*).ti,ab OR (feminis*).ti,ab OR (humanistic OR existential OR experiential).ti,ab) AND (exp ENURESIS/ OR exp. ENCOPRESIS/ OR exp. “FECAL INCONTINENCE”/ OR exp. “ABSORBENT PADS”/ OR exp. “URINARY INCONTINENCE”/ OR exp. “NOCTURNAL ENURESIS”/ OR exp. “DIURNAL ENURESIS”/ OR exp. “URINARY INCONTINENCE, STRESS”/ OR exp. “URINARY INCONTINENCE, URGE”/ OR exp. “URINARY BLADDER, OVERACTIVE”/ OR (incontinence).ti,ab OR (enuresis).ti,ab OR (encopresis).ti,ab OR ((overactiv* OR “over active” OR over-activ*) ADJ5 bladder).ti,ab))
Electronic sources Medline