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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of patients underwent intra-conduit negative pressure system

From: Conservative treatment for urinary fistula following ileal conduit urinary diversion: a simple method

No.Age (year)Primary cancerMajor operationInterval (day)aStatus of Ureter stentTime of NPS (day)Outcome
1< 60Epithelioid trophoblastic tumor of the uterinePelvic exenteration21Kept9Cured
2< 60Cervical cancerPelvic exenteration28Moved10Cured
3< 60Bladder CancerRadical cystectomy2Kept7Cured
4< 60Bladder CancerRadical cystectomy3Kept7Cured
5< 60Bladder CancerRadical cystectomy15Kept9Cured
6> 60Bladder CancerRadical cystectomy24Moved10Cured
7> 60Bladder CancerRadical cystectomy8Kept9Cured
8> 60Bladder CancerRadical cystectomy3Kept7Cured
9< 60Bladder CancerRadical cystectomy14Kept9Cured
10> 60Bladder CancerRadical cystectomy18Moved10Cured
11> 60Bladder CancerRadical cystectomy17Moved10Cured
12> 60Bladder CancerRadical cystectomy15Moved2Failedbb
13> 60Bladder CancerRadical cystectomy4Kept11Cured
  1. NPS Negative pressure system
  2. aTime between fistula and surgery
  3. bbTransformed to surgical approach