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Table 1 Demographic data (including preoperative and postoperative data)

From: Transurethral resection of ejaculatory duct combined with seminal vesiculoscopy for management of persistent or recurrent hemospermia in men with ejaculatory duct obstruction

No. of patients103
Mean age, year (range)40.22 (25–68)
Disease duration, months (range)24.11 (6–120)
Follow-up duration, months (range)13.21 (6–24)
Operation time, minutes (range)25.27 (18–35)
Catheterization time, day1
Hospital stay, day1
Cysts of the lower male genitourinary tract, No. (%)79 (76.70%)
Calculi, No. (%)32 (31.07%)
Blood clot, No. (%)63 (61.17%)