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Table 1 Summarized data from the previous and our current reports

From: Renal pelvis and ureteropelvic junction incarceration in a Grynfeltt-Lesshaft hernia: a case report and review of the literature

Main AuthorPublished YearCountryAge (year)SexChief complaintPhysical examinationPast medical HistoryPast surgical HistoryDiagnostic modalityHerniation side and incarcerated body’s partUrological complicationsManagement
Presti [18]1988USA42MaleIntermittent right flank pain and total gross hematuriaa T-shaped abdominal incision directed towards the right flank, a reducible, slightly tender, solid mass in rt. lumbar areaNegativelaparotomy with partial right colectomy following a sharp injuryAbdominal x-ray, Intravenous urogram (IVU), CT scanRight side, right kidneyright pyelocaliectasis and ureteropelvic junction obstructionHernioplasty
Fogarty [19]2006USA76Femalenausea, vomiting, right flank pain, and acute renal insufficiencyNot mentionedabdominal aortic aneurysmnegativeCT scanRight side, retroperitoneal fat, the right renal pelvis, and ureteropelvic junctionRight hydronephrosispercutaneous nephrostomy tube, antegrade nephrostography, antegrade internal ureteral stent placement and then hernioplasty after normalization of renal function, and subsequent nephrostomy tube removal
Cabello [20]2008Spain79Femalepainful swelling in the left lumbar region and acute renal colic painNot mentionedhypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypothyroidism, hyperuricemia, hiatus hernia, deep venous thrombosis with pulmonary embolism, chronic bronchitis and morbid obesitynegativeCT scanbilateral hernia, left side of the renal pelvis and proximal ureterLeft hydronephrosisNon-surgical
Miyazato [21]2011Japan59Femaleintermittent left back pain for 6-monthleft focal back mass and tendernessright adrenal Cushing’s syndrome and left primary aldosteronismlaparoscopic adrenalectomyMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and CT scanLeft side, left kidney andNot mentionedSurgery
Al Hooti [22]2014Oman60Femaleright-sided abdominal pain and swelling for 2-monthsurgical scar without incisional hernia, non-tender oval palpableswelling, right lumbar area, positive cough sign and reducibleright pelviureteric junction obstruction(+) open right Anderson Hynes pyeloplasty 10 years before admissionCT sacn, IVU, and Mercaptoacetyltriglycine renal scanRight side, lower pole of the right kidneyright hydronephrosisNon-surgical
Mehrabi (current report)2019Iran76Femaleback and right flank pain and a swelling in right flank since 2- month before admissionsoft, mildly tender, irreducible and smooth border right lumbar massDM, HTN, HLP and overweighthysterectomy, laparoscopic cholecystectomy and urinary bladder prolapse repair surgeryCT scanRight sided, retroperitoneal fat, right renal pelvis, ureteropelvic junction and proximal ureterright hydronephrosishernioplasty