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Table 1 Efficacy of CETRUS with a cut-off score of 2 in reducing unnecessary prostate biopsies

From: Contrast-enhanced transrectal ultrasound can reduce collection of unnecessary biopsies when diagnosing prostate cancer and is predictive of biochemical recurrence following a radical prostatectomy in patients with localized prostate cancer

Biopsy strategy No. of biopsies No. of necessary
No. of unnecessary
Conventional standard 347 164 183
Combining CETRUS score ≥ 2b 305 164 141
Reduction in the no. of biopsies 42 0 42
Proportion of the reduced biopsies 12.1% (42/347)c 0% (0/164) c 23.0% (42/183)
  1. a Necessary biopsies: performed for malignant disease as confirmed by pathologic evaluation; Unnecessary biopsies: performed for benign disease as confirmed by pathologic evaluation
  2. b Conventional standard of biopsy combining CETRUS blood flow scale score ≥ 2
  3. c Proportion of reduced biopsies without missing cancer