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Table 2 Differentially abundant taxa with a raw p < 0.05 for the covariates of collection method and sex from the mixed-effect regression model. Note that there is no statistically significance after multiple-testing correction

From: Studying the urine microbiome in superficial bladder cancer: samples obtained by midstream voiding versus cystoscopy

 Phylum (p)Class (p)Order (p)Family (p)Genus (p)
Increased in voided samplesFirmicutes (0.012)Bacilli (0.027)Lactobacillales (0.037)  
Increased in cystoscopy samples  Xanthomonadales (0.037)Xanthomonadaceae (0.037)Stenotrophomonas (0.035)
Increased in malesProteobacteria (0.014)Betaproteobacteria (0.008Burkholderiales (0.008)Comamonadaceae (0.015)Tepidimonas (0.009)
Decreased in males Bacilli (0.021)Lactobacillales (0.011)  
   Prevotellaceae (0.006)Prevotella (0.006)
    Veillonella (0.004)