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Table 5 Gene ontology summary including AP-2 factors subdivision for the most significant groups from DFS analysis

From: In vitro and in silico assessment of the effect of WWOX expression on invasiveness pathways associated with AP-2 transcription factors in bladder cancer

Transcription factor Cluster number Examples of genes Biological process Statistical significance (p value )
AP-2α 1 AMOT; SEMA5A Regulation of cell migration 0.0258
2 PLXNA4; PCDHGB7; DLG2; CDHR3; PCDHGB6; PCDHGB5; PCDHGA7 Cell adhesion 0.00264
7 EYA2 Positive regulation of DNA repair 0.0222
11 NTNG2 Cell motility 0.0344
12 BEGAIN; NTF4; GRB14; WNT2B; HOMER2; INHA Cell surface receptor signaling pathway 0.0257
13 PDCD1LG2 Positive regulation of T cell proliferation 0.0161
AP-2γ 0 COL4A6; STK32B; WNK2 Cell communication 0.0133
1 PLEKHB1; SEMA5A; GATA3 Regulation of cell differentiation 0.0145
3 CASS4 Cell migration 0.0329
5 DSP; PKP1; L1CAM; CELSR2 Cell–cell adhesion 0.000683
7 TLE2; SFRP1 Negative regulation of canonical Wnt signaling pathway 0.0146
12 ZBP1 Type I interferon signaling pathway 0.00902