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Table 1 GO enrichment analysis

From: Exploring microRNA target genes and identifying hub genes in bladder cancer based on bioinformatic analysis

Term ID Description Count p-value
BP GO:0007517 Muscle organ development 12 3.32E−07
BP GO:0060537 Muscle tissue development 11 2.37E−06
BP GO:0014706 Striated muscle tissue development 10 1.09E−05
BP GO:1901342 Regulation of vasculature development 10 2.16E−05
BP GO:0033002 Muscle cell proliferation 9 1.40E−06
BP GO:0045765 Regulation of angiogenesis 9 6.10E−05
BP GO:0048545 Response to steroid hormone 9 6.35E−05
BP GO:0007015 Actin filament organization 9 8.51E−05
BP GO:0009896 Positive regulation of catabolic process 9 1.30E−04
BP GO:0003012 Muscle system process 9 2.63E−04
CC GO:0005925 Focal adhesion 9 6.18E−05
CC GO:0005924 Cell-substrate adherens junction 9 6.54E−05
CC GO:0030055 Cell-substrate junction 9 7.05E−05
CC GO:0031252 Cell leading edge 7 0.001776937
CC GO:0044449 Contractile fiber part 6 3.88E−04
CC GO:0043292 Contractile fiber 6 5.25E−04
CC GO:0062023 Collagen-containing extracellular matrix 6 0.008196759
CC GO:0032154 Cleavage furrow 5 3.88E−06
CC GO:0032155 Cell division site part 5 7.63E−06
CC GO:0001725 Stress fiber 5 1.03E−05
MF GO:0003779 Actin binding 15 1.87E−09
MF GO:0051015 Actin filament binding 10 3.70E−08
MF GO:0001228 DNA-binding transcription activator activity, RNA polymerase ii-specific 8 0.00122079
MF GO:0005539 Glycosaminoglycan binding 6 8.21E−04
MF GO:1901681 Sulfur compound binding 6 0.001290131
MF GO:0048018 Receptor ligand activity 6 0.028441857
MF GO:0008201 Heparin binding 5 0.00132645
MF GO:0001158 Enhancer sequence-specific DNA binding 4 0.002587729
MF GO:0035326 Enhancer binding 4 0.003859145
MF GO:0005201 Extracellular matrix structural constituent 4 0.007879546