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Table 1 Time to stent failure (blockage), in hours, under deformation of 40° and compression of 2000 g in the region of the external ureteral obstruction

From: Comparative study of renal drainage with different ureteral stents subject to extrinsic ureteral obstruction using an in vitro ureter-stent model

Replicate Stent
Tandem 6F (time to blockage, hour) Tandem 7F (time to blockage, hour) Resonance® (time to blockage, hour) Endopyelotomy 14F (time to blockage, hour) 8F (time to blockage, hour)
1 132 133.5 243.5 300.5
2 274 103 124.5 235.5
3 325 329 224   
4 303.5   
  1. Entries with “–” indicate no failure. All failure times are rounded to the nearest half hour
  2. The same result (no blockage) for 4 similar replicates with the 8F stent was reported in [18]
  3. Experiment duration of 348 h