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Table 4 Possible predisposing factors for the occurrence of Urinary Tract Infection in patients with Spinal Cord Injury

From: Protocol of a prospective cohort study of the effect of different methods of drainage of neuropathic bladder on occurrence of symptomatic urinary infection, and adverse events related to the urinary drainage system in spinal cord injury patients

Change of indwelling urethral catheter Yes / No
Improperly inserted urethral catheter Yes / No
Catheter blockage or partial blockage of catheter Yes / No
Flushing of catheter to relieve obstruction Yes / No
Bladder stone Yes / No
Kidney stone Yes / No
Ureteric stone Yes / No
Distension of urinary bladder e.g. drinking lot of fluids e.g. alcoholic beverages and failure to perform catheterisation (in those who do intermittent catheterisation) Yes / No
Failure to use a sterile catheter for intermittent catheterisation Yes / No
Unhygienic toilet conditions for performing intermittent catheterisation Yes / No
Unsatisfactory administration of bladder wash-outs Yes / No
Decrease in fluid intake Yes / No
Sexual activity which involved removal of urethral catheter prior to the sexual act, and insertion of a new catheter per urethra by the partner after completing sexual intercourse Yes / No
Failure to change the leg bag as per schedule Yes / No
Failure to change penile sheath daily Yes / No