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BMC Urology is recruiting Associate Editors to join our experienced Editorial Board.

We welcome applications from researchers with expertise in all of our journal sections

BMC Urology is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in all aspects of the prevention, diagnosis and management of urological disorders, as well as related molecular genetics, pathophysiology, and epidemiology. 

The journal and our editors do not make editorial decisions on the basis of the interest of a study or its likely impact. Studies must be scientifically valid; for research articles, this includes a scientifically sound research question, the use of suitable methods and analysis, and following community-agreed standards relevant to the research field.

Who are you looking for? 

We are interested in candidates who: 

  • are committed to open access publishing, data sharing, and innovation in scientific publishing. 
  • will adhere to our strong values of improving  transparency, integrity and reproducibility of animal and veterinary research 
  • have a minimum of 15 publications in reputable, English language, peer-reviewed journals.
  • are frequently listed as a corresponding author (first or last author) during the last five years.

Suitable Associate Editors for BMC Urology must also:

  • support the journal’s ethos, scope, editorial standards, and policies, and be committed to representing BMC Urology within the scientific community.
  • provide a professional and supportive service to our authors and ensure that manuscripts fulfill the requirements of the Journal and are handled efficiently and appropriately through peer-review.

What does being an Associate Editor involve? 

The Associate Editor is primarily responsible for assessing manuscripts for their suitability for peer review, selecting suitable reviewers who meet the journal’s requirements and recommending decisions on the basis of peer reviewers’ reports and their own assessment while adhering to the journal’s editorial policies. 

An Associate Editor for BMC Urology should be willing to handle a minimum of 10 manuscripts per year through peer review across a range of disciplines within their broader subject area.

We also encourage all of our Editorial Board Members to take an active interest in journal development and promotional projects to help increase the visibility of our published research.

Our Associate Editors will be provided with access to training materials, and our in-house editorial team will also provide administrative support.  The Associate Editor will report to the Editor of the journal. 

Interested in applying? 

If you are interested in becoming a BMC Urology Associate Editor, and you meet the above criteria, please complete the application form below, or email your CV and cover letter to We look forward to hearing from you!

Have you ever published in BMC Urology

By registering your personal information above you agree to BMC using it for the purpose of processing and evaluating your application. One of our editors may use your details to contact you in future but we won’t share these with other Springer Nature business entities or third parties, in line with our privacy policy ( We only collect this information for the express use of editorial recruitment, all unused data will be deleted within 12 months of receipt.

  • BMC Urology works with with Cochrane Urology in providing our authors with expert advice on systematic reviews and meta-analyses

COVID-19 Announcement

As a result of the significant disruption that is being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic we are very aware that many researchers will have difficulty in meeting the timelines associated with our peer review process during normal times.  Please do let us know if you need additional time. Our systems will continue to remind you of the original timelines but we intend to be highly flexible at this time. Thank you.

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