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Table 3 Baseline phenotyping battery for MAPP: urological self-report questionnaires

From: The MAPP research network: design, patient characterization and operations

Instrument Subscales
Symptom and Health Care Utilization Questionnaire (SYM-Q) 1. Pain, urgency, frequency
2. Urologic/Pelvic Pain severity
3. Non-urologic/Pelvic Pain severity
4. Mood
5. Most bothersome symptom
6. Medical care seeking
7. Menstrual information
8. Flare status
Interstitial cystitis symptom and problem index 1. IC Symptom Index (ICSI)
2. IC Problem Index (ICPI)
American Urological Association Symptom Index Score 1. AUASI total score
Rice case definition questionnaire 1. RICE total score
Brief flare risk factor questionnaire 1. Flare timing, symptoms, and symptom severity
2. Cause attribution
3. Foods
4. Drinks
5. Physical and sedentary activities
6. Stress
7. Sexual activity
8. Infections
Genitourinary Pain Scale (GUPI) 1. Pain
Male version 2. Urinary symptoms
Female version 3. Quality of life
4. Total
Female sexual function index 1. FSFI total score
International index of erectile function 1. IIEF total score
University of Washington male sexual function scale 1. Pain with ejaculation
2. Premature ejaculation
3. Difficulty reaching ejaculation
Self-esteem and relationship questionnaire 1. SEAR total score