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Table 3 Relation between Prostate HistoScanning™ suspicious volume and Bx outcome

From: Computer-aided transrectal ultrasound: does prostate HistoScanning™ improve detection performance of prostate cancer in repeat biopsies?

   Bx + Bx- p-value
Total PHS suspicious volume in ml N 31 66  
median(range) 1.58 (0.20-9.32) 1.26 (0.22-6.59) n.s.
   Gleason sum <7 Gleason sum > =7  
Total PHS suspicious volume in ml N 20 11  
median (range) 1.55 (0.20-9.32) 1.86 (0.22-4.35) n.s.
  1. PHS, prostate HistoScanning; Bx, prostate biopsy; Bx+, prostate cancer positive biopsy; Bx-, prostate cancer negative biopsy; p-values Bx + vs Bx- (Wilcoxon rang sum test)