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Table 2 Erectile function, voiding symptoms, pain and health related quality of life of 83 patients with urethral stricture disease treated with buccal mucosa graft urethroplasty

From: Outcome of buccal mucosa graft urethroplasty: a detailed analysis of success, morbidity and quality of life in a contemporary patient cohort at a referral center

Voiding symptoms
 ICIQ-MLUTS score [median (range)] 6 (0; 17)
 Peeling’s voiding picture [median (range)] 2 (1; 4)
Erectile function
 IIEF-EF score [median (range)] 22 (1; 30)
Health related quality of life
  Urinary symptoms interfere with life – a little or not at all [patients (%)] 68 (81.9)
EQ-5D: severe pain postoperatively [patients (%)] 1 (1.2)
EQ-5D VAS [median (range)] 80 (20; 100)
Surgical outcome
 USS PROM: improvement of quality of life [patients (%)] 67 (80.7)
 USS PROM: satisfaction with surgical procedure [patients (%)] 68 (81.9)