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Table 2 Per-case total costs and urinary diversion types performed

From: Cost comparison between open radical cystectomy, laparoscopic radical cystectomy, and robot-assisted radical cystectomy for patients with bladder cancer: a systematic review of segmental costs

AuthorUrinary diversion type (ORC)
(% of total cases)
Urinary diversion type (RARC) (% of total cases)Total cost (ORC)Total cost (RARC)Cost advantage for RARC
Bansal [13]Ileal conduit (100%), Orthotopic neobladder (0%), Other (0%)Ileal conduit (91.4%), Orthotopic neobladder (7.7%), Other (0.9%)$13,512$16,060-$2548
Bochner [23]aIleal conduit (45%)Ileal conduit (40%)$16,648$18,388-$1740
Orthotopic neobladder (55%)Orthotopic neobladder (55%)$15,311$19,231-$3920
Martin [21]Ileal conduit (100%)Ileal conduit (100%)N.A. (for institutional reason)
Lee [22] bIleal conduit (50%)Ileal conduit (57%)$25,505$20,659$4846
Continent cutaneous (22%)Continent cutaneous (12%)$22,697$22,102$595
Orthotopic neobladder (28%)Orthotopic neobladder (31%)$20,719$22,695-$1976
Smith [11]N.A.N.A.$16248c$14608c$1640
Yu [26]bIleal conduit (76.4%)
Other (23.4%)
Ileal conduit (75.7%)
Other (24.3%)
Leow [24]Ileal conduit (93.9%),
Continent (6.1%)
Ileal conduit (91.5%), Orthotopic Continent (8.5%)$26679d$30974d-$4295
Hu [25]Incontinent (81.3%)
Continent (4.1%)e
Incontinent (80.5%)
Continent (5.0%)e
Monn [27]N.A.N.A.$25098d$30272d-$5174
  1. Per-case total costs of ORC and RARC and the types and rates of urinary diversions performed in the included studies aPatients with continent cutaneous tracts were not included in the analysis; bno significant differences in the rates of urinary diversion types performed between ORC and RARC groups; csurgeon fees were not included; and dsignificant cost differences existed between ORC and RARC ethe rest is unknown