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  1. Renal cell carcinomas (RCC) are among the most common and most lethal genitourinary malignancies. GOLPH2 (golgi phosphoprotein 2, GOLM1) has recently been proposed as a biomarker for hepatocellular and prostat...

    Authors: Florian Rudolf Fritzsche, Mark-Oliver Riener, Manfred Dietel, Holger Moch, Klaus Jung and Glen Kristiansen
    Citation: BMC Urology 2008 8:15
  2. The aim of this study was to investigate the characteristics of prostate cancer patients who were diagnosed at repeat biopsy and compare them to non-cancerous patients or patients who were diagnosed at initial...

    Authors: Takeshi Yuasa, Norihiko Tsuchiya, Teruaki Kumazawa, Takamitsu Inoue, Shintaro Narita, Mitsuru Saito, Yohei Horikawa, Shigeru Satoh and Tomonori Habuchi
    Citation: BMC Urology 2008 8:14
  3. To compare radiographic measurement and pathological measurement of renal tumours to see if there was a significant difference between the two as this may have implications in the management.

    Authors: Rahul Mistry, Ramaswamy Manikandan, Penny Williams, Joe Philip, Peter Littler, Christopher S Foster and Keith F Parsons
    Citation: BMC Urology 2008 8:13
  4. Epigenetic silencing of RAS association family 1A (RASSF1A) tumor suppressor gene occurs in various histological subtypes of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) but RASSF1A protein expression in clear cell RCC as well ...

    Authors: Hossein Tezval, Axel S Merseburger, Ira Matuschek, Stefan Machtens, Markus A Kuczyk and Jürgen Serth
    Citation: BMC Urology 2008 8:12
  5. There is no consensus on the role of routine follow-up imaging during nonoperative management of blunt renal trauma. We reviewed our experience with nonoperative management of blunt renal injuries in order to ...

    Authors: John B Malcolm, Ithaar H Derweesh, Reza Mehrazin, Christopher J DiBlasio, David D Vance, Salil Joshi, Robert W Wake and Robert Gold
    Citation: BMC Urology 2008 8:11
  6. To validate an artificial neural network (ANN) based on the combination of PSA velocity (PSAV) with a %free PSA-based ANN to enhance the discrimination between prostate cancer (PCa) and benign prostate hyperpl...

    Authors: Carsten Stephan, Nicola Büker, Henning Cammann, Hellmuth-Alexander Meyer, Michael Lein and Klaus Jung
    Citation: BMC Urology 2008 8:10
  7. Despite intensive research over the last several decades on prostate cancer, many questions particularly those concerning early diagnosis and the choice of optimal treatment for each individual patient, still ...

    Authors: Martin Umbehr, Thomas M Kessler, Tullio Sulser, Glen Kristiansen, Nicole Probst, Johann Steurer and Lucas M Bachmann
    Citation: BMC Urology 2008 8:9
  8. The indications for nephron-sparing surgery are expanding constantly. One major contributing fact for this development is the improvement of haemostatic techniques following excision of the tumor. Nevertheless...

    Authors: Jörg Simon, Robert de Petriconi, Michael Meilinger, Richard E Hautmann and Georg Bartsch Jr
    Citation: BMC Urology 2008 8:8
  9. Steroid hormones influence mitogenic signaling pathways, apoptosis, and cell cycle checkpoints, and it has long been known that incidence of bladder cancer (BC) in men is several times greater than in women, a...

    Authors: Aimee M Johnson, Mary J O'Connell, Hiroshi Miyamoto, Jiaoti Huang, Jorge L Yao, Edward M Messing and Jay E Reeder
    Citation: BMC Urology 2008 8:7
  10. This study evaluated the cytotoxic and antiproliferative efficacy of two well-characterized members of the Cecropin-family of antimicrobial peptides against bladder tumor cells and benign fibroblasts.

    Authors: Henrik Suttmann, Margitta Retz, Friedrich Paulsen, Jürgen Harder, Ulrike Zwergel, Jörn Kamradt, Bernd Wullich, Gerhard Unteregger, Michael Stöckle and Jan Lehmann
    Citation: BMC Urology 2008 8:5
  11. This manuscript compares the efficacy and safety of duloxetine with placebo in Taiwanese women with SUI.

    Authors: Alex Tong-Long Lin, Mou-Jong Sun, Hui-Lung Tai, Yao Chi Chuang, Shih-Tsung Huang, Nick Wang, Yan Daniel Zhao, Julie Beyrer, Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe, Louise Levine, Curtis Chang and Lars Viktrup
    Citation: BMC Urology 2008 8:2
  12. Public databases are crucial for analysis of high-dimensional gene and protein expression data. The Urologic Epithelial Stem Cells (UESC) database

    Authors: Laura E Pascal, Eric W Deutsch, David S Campbell, Martin Korb, Lawrence D True and Alvin Y Liu
    Citation: BMC Urology 2007 7:19
  13. The use of herbal medicines (medicinal plants or phytotherapy) has recently gained popularity in Europe and the United States. Nevertheless the exact mechanism of the preventive effects of these products is st...

    Authors: Mohammed Touhami, Amine Laroubi, Khadija Elhabazi, Farouk Loubna, Ibtissam Zrara, Younes Eljahiri, Abdelkhalek Oussama, Félix Grases and Abderrahman Chait
    Citation: BMC Urology 2007 7:18
  14. We wished to determine if there were differences in pelvic and non-pelvic tenderness between men with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) Type III and men without pelvic pain.

    Authors: Richard E Berger, Marcia A Ciol, Ivan Rothman and Judith A Turner
    Citation: BMC Urology 2007 7:17
  15. Acute urinary retention (AUR) is a common urological problem. We have observed a growing list of patients on indwelling bladder catheter awaiting surgery after AUR. This study was aimed at identifying the heal...

    Authors: Stephen O Ikuerowo, Aderinsola A Ogunade, Taiwo O Ogunlowo, Charles C Uzodimma and Julius O Esho
    Citation: BMC Urology 2007 7:16
  16. Use of phenacetin and other analgesic and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) potentially influences bladder cancer incidence, but epidemiologic evidence is limited.

    Authors: Joan Fortuny, Manolis Kogevinas, Michael S Zens, Alan Schned, Angeline S Andrew, John Heaney, Karl T Kelsey and Margaret R Karagas
    Citation: BMC Urology 2007 7:13
  17. We report our approach regarding the technique of endoscopic extraperitoneal radical prostatectomy (EERPE) and analyze the learning curve of two surgeons after thorough technical training under expert monitori...

    Authors: Andreas Blana, Markus Straub, Peter J Wild, Jens C Lunz, Thorsten Bach, Wolf F Wieland and Roman Ganzer
    Citation: BMC Urology 2007 7:11
  18. The use of percutaneous needle biopsy in the evaluation of indeterminate renal masses is controversial and its role in management remains largely unclear. We set to establish current practice on this issue in ...

    Authors: Azhar A Khan, Iqbal S Shergill, Sheila Quereshi, Manit Arya, Mohammed T Vandal and Sandeep S Gujral
    Citation: BMC Urology 2007 7:10
  19. Bladder desensitization has been investigated as an alternative treatment for refractory detrusor overactivity. Most open and controlled clinical trials conducted with intravesical RTX showed that desensitizat...

    Authors: Carlos Silva, João Silva, Helder Castro, Frederico Reis, Paulo Dinis, António Avelino and Francisco Cruz
    Citation: BMC Urology 2007 7:9
  20. Congenital mid-ureteral stricture is a rare malformation of the ureter leading to prenatal and neonatal hydronephrosis. Site characterization of the narrowing is important to optimize the surgical approach to ...

    Authors: Milena Brugnara, Mariangela Cecchetto, Riccardo Manfredi, Michele Zuffante, Vassilios Fanos, Angelo Pietrobelli and Marco Zaffanello
    Citation: BMC Urology 2007 7:8
  21. Tachykinins (TK), such as substance P, and their neurokinin receptors which are ubiquitously expressed in the human urinary tract, represent an endogenous system regulating bladder inflammatory, immune respons...

    Authors: Ricardo Saban, Cindy Simpson, Rajanikanth Vadigepalli, Sylvie Memet, Igor Dozmorov and Marcia R Saban
    Citation: BMC Urology 2007 7:7
  22. Identification and characterization of the prostate stem cell is important for understanding normal prostate development and carcinogenesis. The flow cytometry-based side population (SP) technique has been dev...

    Authors: Laura E Pascal, Asa J Oudes, Timothy W Petersen, Young Ah Goo, Laura S Walashek, Lawrence D True and Alvin Y Liu
    Citation: BMC Urology 2007 7:6
  23. There is growing evidence that male circumcision (MC) prevents heterosexual acquisition of HIV by males in sub-Saharan Africa, the region of the world heavily affected by the HIV pandemic. While there is growi...

    Authors: Adamson S Muula, Hans W Prozesky, Ronald H Mataya and Joseph I Ikechebelu
    Citation: BMC Urology 2007 7:4
  24. CD10 is a transmembrane metallo-endopeptidase that cleaves and inactivates a variety of peptide growth factors. Loss of CD10 expression is a common, early event in human prostate cancer; however, CD10 positive...

    Authors: Marc A Dall'Era, Lawrence D True, Andrew F Siegel, Michael P Porter, Tracy M Sherertz and Alvin Y Liu
    Citation: BMC Urology 2007 7:3
  25. Urinary incontinence (UI) following radical prostatectomy is a well-recognized risk of the surgery. In most patients post-operative UI improves over time. To date, there is limited objective, quantitative data...

    Authors: Anna R Smither, Michael L Guralnick, Nancy B Davis and William A See
    Citation: BMC Urology 2007 7:2
  26. Scrotal schwannoma is a rare neoplasm and poses a diagnostic challenge to urologists. This article describes a rare case of ancient scrotal schwannoma and reviews the current modality of investigation and trea...

    Authors: Peter T Chan, Sankalp Tripathi, Su E Low and Lee Q Robinson
    Citation: BMC Urology 2007 7:1
  27. The Bladder cooling reflex (BCR) i.e. uninhibited detrusor contractions evoked by intravesical instillation of cold saline, is a segmental reflex believed to be triggered by menthol sensitive cold receptors in...

    Authors: Gaurav Mukerji, Janet Waters, Iain P Chessell, Chas Bountra, Sanjiv K Agarwal and Praveen Anand
    Citation: BMC Urology 2006 6:31
  28. Conducted as part of the Urologic Diseases in America project whose aim was to quantify the burden of urologic diseases on the American public, this study focuses on Veterans Health Administration (VHA) users ...

    Authors: Min-Woong Sohn, Huiyuan Zhang, Brent C Taylor, Michael J Fischer, Elizabeth M Yano, Christopher Saigal and Timothy J Wilt
    Citation: BMC Urology 2006 6:30
  29. Langerhans cell histiocytosis affects mainly young children and features an accumulation of CD1a+ dendritic Langerhans cells in the bone, skin, and other organs. A few cases of Langerhans cell histiocytosis on...

    Authors: Jun Hagiuda, Munehisa Ueno, Satoshi Ashimine, Isao Kuroda, Keisuke Ishizawa and Nobuhiro Deguchi
    Citation: BMC Urology 2006 6:28
  30. Our understanding of early post-vasectomy recanalization is limited to histopathological studies. The objective of this study was to estimate the frequency and to describe semen analysis patterns of early reca...

    Authors: Michel Labrecque, Melissa Hays, Mario Chen-Mok, Mark A Barone and David Sokal
    Citation: BMC Urology 2006 6:25
  31. Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) is released into the intraluminal fluid during bladder inflammation in the rat complexed to α1-inhibitor-3 (A1-I3; a rodent proteinase inhibitor in the α-macroglobu...

    Authors: Pedro L Vera and Katherine L Meyer-Siegler
    Citation: BMC Urology 2006 6:24
  32. Rupture of a renal artery aneurysm (RAA) during pregnancy is a rare event, with a high mortality rate for both mother and fetus. Increased blood flow and intra-abdominal pressure, and vascular changes secondar...

    Authors: Khaled B Soliman, Yaser Shawky, Mohamed M Abbas, Mohamed Ammary and Allaa Shaaban
    Citation: BMC Urology 2006 6:22
  33. Perivascular epithelioid cell tumors (PEComas) are rare mesenchymal neoplasms of uncertain malignant potential, which have in common the co-expression of muscle and melanocytic immunohistochemical markers.

    Authors: Jeremy R Parfitt, Anthony J Bella, Bret M Wehrli and Jonathan I Izawa
    Citation: BMC Urology 2006 6:20
  34. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and their inhibitors (TIMPs) play a major role in the maintenance of extracellular matrix homeostasis and are involved in the process of tumour invasion and metastasis in sever...

    Authors: Andrea Staack, Steffen Badendieck, Dietmar Schnorr, Stefan A Loening and Klaus Jung
    Citation: BMC Urology 2006 6:19
  35. It is difficult to explain ectopic thyroid beneath the diaphragm because during the development the thyroid descends from the tongue to the anterior of the trachea. A few cases of ectopic lesions have been rep...

    Authors: Jun Hagiuda, Isao Kuroda, Takuji Tsukamoto, Munehisa Ueno, Chizuko Yokota, Takanori Hirose and Nobuhiro Deguchi
    Citation: BMC Urology 2006 6:18

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