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  1. Content type: Research article

    There is no criterion for determining whether female patients operated with cystectomy would benefit from hysterectomy. This study compares the oncological outcomes between female patients receiving uterus pre...

    Authors: Haiwen Huang, Bing Yan, Meixia Shang, Libo Liu, Han Hao and Zhijun Xi

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:28

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Research article

    To assess whether application of a hyaluronic acid-carboxymethyl cellulose membrane (HA/CMC) to the prostate bed and neurovascular plate facilitated early return of continence after nerve-sparing robot-assiste...

    Authors: Nobuyuki Hinata, Yukari Bando, Koji Chiba, Junya Furukawa, Kenichi Harada, Takeshi Ishimura, Yuzo Nakano and Masato Fujisawa

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:25

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Research article

    To investigate the prognostic risk factors and postoperative recurrence of bladder cancer in patients with upper urinary tract urothelial carcinomas (UTUCs).

    Authors: Qingwei Wang, Tao Zhang, Junwei Wu, Jianguo Wen, Deshang Tao, Tingxiang Wan and Wen Zhu

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:24

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Research article

    To overcome the limitations regarding two dimensional (2D) greyscale (GS) transrectal ultrasound (TRUS)-guided biopsy in prostate cancer (PCa) detection and tissue packaging in biopsy processing, there is an o...

    Authors: Anouk Anna Maria Arnoldus van der Aa, Christophe Koenraad Mannaerts, Maudy C. W. Gayet, Johannes Cornelis van der Linden, Barthold Philip Schrier, J. P. Michiel Sedelaar, Massimo Mischi, Harrie P. Beerlage and Hessel Wijkstra

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:23

    Published on:

  5. Content type: Case report

    Penoscrotal edema is typically caused by lymphatic obstruction, which can have both primary and secondary causes. Studies describing congenital penoscrotal edema are rare. Surgery can be divided into two types...

    Authors: Tian Lin, Yun-Zhi Lin, Yu-Peng Wu, Ting-Ting Lin, Dong-Ning Chen, Yong Wei, Xue-Yi Xue and Ning Xu

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:22

    Published on:

  6. Content type: Research article

    It has been recognized that the incidence of prostatic utricle in boys is increasing and is closely associated with diseases such as hypospadias. However, the clinical features of prostatic utricle with normal...

    Authors: Bo Liu, Dawei He, Deying Zhang, Xing Liu, Tao Lin and Guanghui Wei

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:21

    Published on:

  7. Content type: Case report

    Flexible ureterorenoscopy (FURS) and holmium laser lithotripsy is currently considered as one of the treatment options for large renal calculi. It has been shown to be safer than percutaneous nephrolithotomy. ...

    Authors: Abdelrahman Bashar and Fayez T. Hammad

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:20

    Published on:

  8. Content type: Research article

    To evaluate outcome of buccal mucosa graft urethroplasty (BMGU) for the treatment of urethral stricture disease, including a detailed analysis of success, morbidity and quality of life (QoL).

    Authors: Armin Soave, Luis Kluth, Roland Dahlem, Amelie Rohwer, Michael Rink, Philipp Reiss, Margit Fisch and Oliver Engel

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:18

    Published on:

  9. Content type: Research article

    We performed a meta-analysis to confirm the efficacy and safety of the combination of tamsulosin plus dutasteride compared with tamsulosin monotherapy in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) during a tr...

    Authors: Zhongbao Zhou, Yuanshan Cui, Jitao Wu, Rui Ding, Tong Cai and Zhenli Gao

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:17

    Published on:

  10. Content type: Research article

    No accurate evaluation of smoking and water pollution on bladder cancer has been conducted in the Lebanese population. Our aim is to examine the significance of smoking and one of the main water pollutants Tri...

    Authors: Sally Temraz, Yolla Haibe, Maya Charafeddine, Omran Saifi, Deborah Mukherji and Ali Shamseddine

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:16

    Published on:

  11. Content type: Research article

    There is paucity of information on the community-based prevalence and severity of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in men who are 40 years and older in the southeast region of Nigeria. This study seeks to d...

    Authors: Ikenna I. Nnabugwu, Fredrick O. Ugwumba, Emeka I. Udeh, Solomon K. Anyimba and Louis T. Okolie

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:15

    Published on:

  12. Content type: Research article

    An acute scrotal hematoma, secondary to a spontaneous rupture of a varicocele is still a rare presentation in daily practice. However, multiple case reports have been reported. Sudden increase in abdominal pre...

    Authors: Daan J. Reesink, Peter M. Huisman, Judith Wiltink, Arto E. Boeken Kruger and Tycho M. T. W. Lock

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:14

    Published on:

  13. Content type: Case report

    Diagnosis of urethral cavernous hemangioma (UCH) is very rare. It can be easy to misdiagnose and mistreat due to its atypical clinical manifestations and a lack of relevant knowledge. The study is to explore t...

    Authors: Fang Yong, Lin Juan, Wei Jinhuan, Yao Haohua, Chen Wei, Mo Jiacong, Luo Junhang and Wang Wenwei

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:13

    Published on:

  14. Content type: Research article

    New biological prognostic predictors have been studied; however, some factors have limited clinical application due to tissue-specific expression and high cost. There is the need for a promising predictive fac...

    Authors: Yun-Sok Ha, Sang Won Kim, So Young Chun, Jae-Wook Chung, Seock Hwan Choi, Jun Nyung Lee, Bum Soo Kim, Hyun Tae Kim, Eun Sang Yoo, Tae Gyun Kwon, Won Tae Kim, Wun-Jae Kim and Tae-Hwan Kim

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:10

    Published on:

  15. Content type: Research article

    Treatment for localized prostate cancer (PCa) can cause long-term changes in erectile functioning. However, data on the importance of sexuality and possible consequences of altered erectile functioning on self...

    Authors: Caren Hilger, Martin Schostak, Stephan Neubauer, Ahmed Magheli, Thomas Fydrich, Silke Burkert and Friederike Kendel

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:9

    Published on:

  16. Content type: Research article

    The efficacy of thulium laser prostate enucleation (ThuLEP) for large prostates is unclear. This study aimed to explore the expanded utility of 150–200-W ThuLEP by studying patients with a large prostate (> 80...

    Authors: Ching-Hsin Chang, Tzu-Ping Lin and Jung-Yao Huang

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:8

    Published on:

  17. Content type: Research article

    Overactive bladder (OAB) can frequently exert a negative effect on female sexual function. Mirabegron, a β3 receptor agonist, improves OAB symptoms, but there are very few information about its role on female ...

    Authors: Marilena Gubbiotti, Antonella Giannantoni, Simona Cantaluppi, Anna Chiara Coluccia, Fabio Ghezzi and Maurizio Serati

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:7

    Published on:

  18. Content type: Research article

    Barbed sutures can avoid knot tying and speed the suture placement in the PN(partial nephrectomy). On account of the impact on clinical outcomes are ambiguous, this study is determined to identify the applicat...

    Authors: Yifei Lin, Banghua Liao, Sike Lai, Jin Huang, Liang Du, Kunjie Wang and Hong Li

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:5

    Published on:

  19. Content type: Research article

    Patients with newly diagnosed non-metastatic prostate adenocarcinoma are typically classified as at low, intermediate, or high risk of disease progression using blood prostate-specific antigen concentration, t...

    Authors: Wendy L. Johnston, Charles N. Catton and Carol J. Swallow

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:4

    Published on:

  20. Content type: Research article

    Optimal treatment of high-risk prostate cancer remains controversial. We aimed to compare treatment outcomes of prostate cancer patients treated with definitive external-beam radiotherapy (ExRT) or radical pro...

    Authors: Fundagul Andic, Volkan Izol, Serkan Gokcay, Hasan Suat Arslantas, Yildirim Bayazit, Hatice Coskun, Mustafa Zuhtu Tansug and Yasar Sertdemir

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:3

    Published on:

  21. Content type: Research article

    Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) is performed by urologists as one of the surgical procedures for treating prostate cancer. Numerous studies have been published with regard to the impact of prostate...

    Authors: Min Seok Kim, Won Sik Jang, Doo Yong Chung, Dong Hoon Koh, Jong Soo Lee, Hyeok Jun Goh and Young Deuk Choi

    Citation: BMC Urology 2019 19:1

    Published on:

  22. Content type: Research article

    The diagnosis and follow-up of stone forming patients is usually performed by analysis of 24-h urine samples. However, crystallization risk varies throughout the day, being higher at night. The main objective ...

    Authors: Adrian Rodriguez, Concepcion Saez-Torres, Concepcion Mir, Paula Casasayas, Nuria Rodriguez, Dolores Rodrigo, Guiem Frontera, Juan Manuel Buades, Cristina Gomez, Antonia Costa-Bauza and Felix Grases

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:116

    Published on:

  23. Content type: Research article

    To study nocturia in patients with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) suggestive of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) after medical or placebo treatment.

    Authors: Zhigang Xue, Yunhua Lin, Yongguang Jiang, Nengbao Wei and Jinwen Bi

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:115

    Published on:

  24. Content type: Research article

    To provide some basis for the prevention of urinary stones in general population, we did a systemic analysis of urinary stones from Northern, Eastern, Central, Southern and Southwest China by a multi-center st...

    Authors: Rui-hong Ma, Xiao-bing Luo, Qin Li and Hai-qiang Zhong

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:114

    Published on:

  25. Content type: Research article

    Delayed bowel function recovery and postoperative ileus are relatively serious complications of laparoscopic radical cystectomy (LRC). Our study aimed to determine whether performing pelvic re-peritonealizatio...

    Authors: Qiang Cao, Pengchao Li, Xiao Yang, Jian Qian, Zengjun Wang, Qiang Lu and Min Gu

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:113

    Published on:

  26. Content type: Research article

    To assess the morbidities of tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) using supra-costal access and re-evaluate traditional concept of increased complications with supra-costal access.

    Authors: Meng-Yi Yan, Jesun Lin, Heng-Chieh Chiang, Yao-Li Chen and Pao-Hwa Chen

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:112

    Published on:

  27. Content type: Research article

    Previous studies have shown that albumin-related systemic inflammation is associated with the long-term prognosis of cancer, but the clinical significance of an early (≤ 7 days) post-operative serum albumin le...

    Authors: Yongquan Tang, Zhihong Liu, Jiayu Liang, Ruochen Zhang, Kan Wu, Zijun Zou, Chuan Zhou, Fuxun Zhang and Yiping Lu

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:111

    Published on:

  28. Content type: Research article

    To evaluate the efficacy and safety of abiraterone acetate (AA) plus prednisone compared with prednisone alone in Asian patients with chemotherapy-naive metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC),...

    Authors: Liancheng Fan, Baijun Dong, Chenfei Chi, Yanqing Wang, Yiming Gong, Jianjun Sha, Jiahua Pan, Xun Shangguan, Yiran Huang, Lixin Zhou and Wei Xue

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:110

    Published on:

  29. Content type: Case report

    Succinate dehydrogenase (SDH)- deficient renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is a newly identified rare subtype of RCC, having only gained acceptance from the World Health Organization in 2016. To the best of our knowl...

    Authors: Ravi Kumar, Michael Bonert, Asghar Naqvi, Kevin Zbuk and Anil Kapoor

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:109

    Published on:

  30. Content type: Research article

    Cisplatin (CP) or cis-diammine dichloroplatinum (II) is a platinum based standard antineoplastic drug which is used against variety of solid tumors and neoplasms. The present study aimed to evaluate the shield...

    Authors: Sarwat Jahan, Asma Munawar, Suhail Razak, Sara Anam, Qurat Ul Ain, Hizb Ullah, Tayyaba Afsar, Mahmoud Abulmeaty and Ali Almajwal

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:107

    Published on:

  31. Content type: Case report

    Xp11.2 translocation renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is a rare variety of a kidney neoplasm. We report a case of bilateral Xp11.2 translocation RCC occurring metachronously and discuss this very rare entity with re...

    Authors: Takashi Karashima, Takahira Kuno, Naoto Kuroda, Hirofumi Satake, Satoshi Fukata, Masakazu Chikazawa, Chiaki Kawada, Ichiro Yamasaki, Taro Shuin, Makoto Hiroi and Keiji Inoue

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:106

    Published on:

  32. Content type: Case report

    The spontaneous regression of metastatic renal cell carcinoma is a rare phenomenon, with an estimated incidence of < 1%. We report a case of post-nephrectomy renal cell carcinoma adrenal metastasis, followed b...

    Authors: Ti-Yuan Yang, Wun-Rong Lin and Allen W. Chiu

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:105

    Published on:

  33. Content type: Research article

    Varicocele is known to be associated with infertility and sperm disorders. The exact cause of this ailment is not fully understood. There are limited numbers of studies where venous blood gases (VBGs) of varic...

    Authors: Khaleeq ur Rehman, Hafsa Zaneb, Abdul Basit Qureshi, Ahsan Numan, Muhammad Shahbaz Yousaf, Imtiaz Rabbani and Habib Rehman

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:104

    Published on:

  34. Content type: Research article

    Previous studies have shown that, compared with non-stone formers, stone formers have a higher papillary density measured with computer tomography (CT) scan. The effect of increased hydration on such papillary...

    Authors: Pietro Manuel Ferraro, Matteo Vittori, Giuseppe Macis, Alessandro D’Addessi, Gianmarco Lombardi, Claudia Palmisano, Jacopo Gervasoni, Aniello Primiano, Pier Francesco Bassi and Giovanni Gambaro

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:101

    Published on:

  35. Content type: Research article

    Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) overexpression is believed to be associated with bladder cancer (BC) progression and poor clinical outcomes. In vivo studies have linked EGFR subcellular trafficking and...

    Authors: Ahmed M. Mansour, Mona Abdelrahim, Mahmoud Laymon, Mamdouh Elsherbeeny, Mohammed Sultan, Ahmed Shokeir, Ahmed Mosbah, Hassan Abol-Enein, Amira Awadalla, Eunho Cho, Vikram Sairam, Taeeun D. Park, Muhammad Shahid and Jayoung Kim

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:100

    Published on:

  36. Content type: Research article

    Warm ischemia (WI) and bleeding constitute the main challenges for surgeons during laparoscopic partial nephrectomy (LPN). Current literature on the use of lasers for cutting and coagulation remains scarce and...

    Authors: Martin Drerup, Ahmed Magdy, Martina Hager, Daniela Colleselli, Thomas Kunit, Lukas Lusuardi, Günter Janetschek and Michael Mitterberger

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:99

    Published on:

  37. Content type: Study protocol

    The diagnostic pathway for prostate cancer (PCa) is advancing towards an imaging-driven approach. Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging, although increasingly used, has not shown sufficient accuracy to re...

    Authors: Christophe K. Mannaerts, Rogier R. Wildeboer, Arnoud W. Postema, Johanna Hagemann, Lars Budäus, Derya Tilki, Massimo Mischi, Hessel Wijkstra and Georg Salomon

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:98

    Published on:

  38. Content type: Research article

    Bladder cancers have been characterized as a tumor group in which the immunological response is relatively well preserved. Programmed death ligand 1 (PD-L1, B7-H1, CD274) has been shown to be expressed in seve...

    Authors: Takashi Kawahara, Yukari Ishiguro, Shinji Ohtake, Ikuma Kato, Yusuke Ito, Hiroki Ito, Kazuhide Makiyama, Keiichi Kondo, Yasuhide Miyoshi, Yasushi Yumura, Narihiko Hayashi, Hisashi Hasumi, Kimito Osaka, Kentaro Muraoka, Koji Izumi, Jun-ichi Teranishi…

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:97

    Published on:

  39. Content type: Research article

    Primary retroperitoneal lymph node dissection (RPLND) ultimately lost its role as the standard management of clinical stage (CS) 1 nonseminomatous (NS) testicular germ cell tumours (GCTs) in Europe when the Eu...

    Authors: K.-P. Dieckmann, P. Anheuser, M. Kulejewski, R. Gehrckens and B. Feyerabend

    Citation: BMC Urology 2018 18:95

    Published on:

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